R.S. St. Louis, MO

"We need to look beyond the Sunday morning talk shows to understand what is really happening to the economy. Jim does a great job putting the current crisis into historical perspective. Well documented and researched - this is a must read."

F.P., Jerseyville, IL

"In this humble reporter's opinion, it's professional grade copy. You have explained a multi-faceted topic in a logical, straight forward, easy to understand manner.Structure, presentation,tenor and content are all top shelf. The writing style is engaging."

K.L., Phoenix, AZ

"I am glad that "The Sentinel? has been created so that serious investors will have a resource devoted to providing much needed, evidence-based investment advice. His analysis is based on fundamental economic principles combined with historical observations ? not on the latest "pop? economic theory. This newsletter should be one of the primary resources in every serious investor?s portfolio."

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