About the editor:

Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering

Master of Science in Industrial Engineering

Developer of commodity futures and options software

Active in trading since 1987

Series 3 exam completion (Commodities Futures Certification)

Developer of a patented service pricing application in telecommunications industry

Author of E$caping Oz: Protecting your wealth during the financial crisis, E$caping Oz: Navigating the crisis

Initiated a TED spread position before the stock market crash of 1987. A TED spread is the simultaneous entry into a Eurodollar and Treasury Bill futures position. Profit is made from a widening or narrowing of the price spread. In October of 1987, Mr. Mosquera opined that a widening spread (purchase of Treasury Bill and sale of Eurodollar futures) was at hand. This correct prediction netted a multi-hundred percent profit (relative to margin) in less than one month.

Predicted a stock market drop of noticeable proportions early in the summer of 1998. He advised co-workers to exit 401(k) investments that were exposed to diversified stock funds and direct them instead to interest only accounts. The stock market fell more than 20%. He advised reentry later that fall.

Identified ensuing stock market bubble in 1999, moved personal investments away from stocks, liquidated all company stock options that were "in-the-money". Advised friends and family to take similar action. The stock market made a historic top in March of 2000.

Reallocated 401(k) investments towards bond funds from 2002-2004.Began systematic reduction in company stock allocation in 2006 to move towards greater cash position.

Liquidated in-the-money stock options from 1998-2000 and again in 2006 in anticipation of stock declines. These stock options were never again in-the-money during their vesting period.

Advised against real estate speculation and investment ownership in 2003 due to bubble conditions.Accurately forecast the tsunami in the states of CA and NV.

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